NS29 Session 1

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Title: Leadership and Human Resources: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times

Organisers: Åse Helene Bakkevig Dagsland and Huseyin Arasli 

Affiliation: Norwegian School of Hotel Management, University of Stavanger


The topics of leadership and human resource management are relevant to the overall theme of this conference in several ways. The tourism and hospitality industry is labour intensive and relies on the competence of both front-line and back-stage personnel for providing services and experiences for their guests. On the one hand, the industry is battling with challenges related to seasonality, high turnover rates, and dependency on young, diverse, and often inexperienced workforce. Previous research has shown that these work outcomes are influenced by the competence and skills of the service workers. On the other hand, the service outcome is also related to how human resources are managed. Reports indicate that the industry engage a high amount of precarious workers (workers with unstable employment, lower wages and more dangerous working conditions). They rarely receive social benefits and are often denied the right to join a union. This is not only so in developing countries, but also in our Nordic region.

The focus is on how research can be applied to all phases of the human resource management process, i.e. recruitment, selection, competence, motivation, work content, communication, schedules, environment and pay, leadership and turnover and exit, and how leaders approach these issues. We particularly invite papers that focus on the relationships between HRM, leadership, decent work and sustainability. The intention behind the symposium is to broaden and build relationships between the researchers interested in this field.


Abstract submission