NS29 Session 17

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Title: Urban tourism development: challenges and possibilities

Organisers: Maria Månsson, Jörgen Eksell & Michael Johansson

Affiliation: Lund University


One of the most important trends in contemporary tourism is the increase in urban tourism, both in absolute and in relative terms. In some destinations, e.g. Barcelona, the pressure from tourism on local resources such as housing and urban space has reached a point where we begin to speak about overtourism. This threatens the quality of life for local residents, as well as the quality of tourism experiences. The rise in urban tourism is also an important reason behind environmental problems at a global level, i.e. in relation to climate change. There is thus a need for additional research related to a multitude of perspectives on urban tourism development from a sustainable point of view.

This session addresses the dilemmas and challenges that urban tourism development is facing from a multidisciplinary perspective. The session welcomes social, cultural, economic and environmental aspects on sustainability in urban destinations.

Abstracts are therefore invited for, but not limited to, the following:

  • urban sustainable tourism development
  • urban planning and management
  • alternative approaches to urban tourism
  • sustainable urban tourism and climate change
  • alternative business solutions in urban context
  • urban place conflicts related to overtourism (tourism phobia, anti-tourism)
  • conceptualizing overtourism
  • visitor management strategies
  • tourism and sustainable consumption
  • place branding and sustainable urban tourism
  • communication strategies for urban tourism development
  • valuing urban ecosystem services and tourism


Abstract submission