NS29 Session 18

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Title: Celebrating proximity in tourism

Organisers: Tarja Salmela, Anu Valtonen, Outi Rantala and Emily Höckert

Affiliation: ILA-research group, University of Lapland


Proximity tourism celebrates the mundane exceptionality of the ordinary. It is a form of tourism that emphasizes local destinations, short distances and lower-carbon transport modes, and has been suggested to be a valuable alternative to global mass tourism (Hollenhorst, Houge-Mackenzie & Ostergren, 2014; Jeuring & Diaz-Zoria, 2017). In a situation where carbon emissions need to be cut down radically, it offers a new and much needed way of understanding and orienting towards tourism. In previous research, proximity tourism has been approached, for instance, through the questions of attractiveness (Jeuring & Haartsen, 2016), cultural and physical distance (Kastenholz, 2010), walkability (Hall, Ram & Shoval, 2018), and transportation and accessibility (Peeters & Dubois, 2010). In the Nordic context, much attention has also been paid to local tourism in second homes (Müller, 2013). We find vital to continue these important openings with deepened theoretical, methodological and empirical treatise of proximity tourism. We posit that in the current state of Anthropocene, tourism researchers can no longer focus merely on the wellbeing of human hosts and guests, but we are confronted by the task of taking care of the Earth and more-than-human others (Gren & Huijbens, 2014). Therefore, we invite papers, stories, videos or performances that discuss alternatives for global mass tourism – e.g the possibilities of proximity – and this way join the search for more responsible tourism mobilities.

The session is co-hosted by members of ILA-project (2019–2023) – www.ilarctic.com.


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