NS29 Session 2

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Title: Dynamics and challenges in European Entrepreneurship and Family Business in the tourism sector

Organiser: Desiderio J. García Almeida 

Affiliation: University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


The uncertainty and sustainability problems of the world directly impact the tourism industry. One of the ways to attempt to cope with that is changing the business models that characterize the tourism sector. An entrepreneurial orientation can help to face those challenges by bringing innovation into the market and adapting business practices that address the demands and challenges of tourists and the environment. This entrepreneurial orientation is very positive in the creation of new firms in the destination and in the survival of established firms that are often managed/owned in the framework of families. Thus, innovative activities by entrepreneurs reinforce and increase destination competitiveness by offering new products and changing processes that meet social and tourism needs. The entrepreneurial orientation of family businesses acts in the same way avoiding strategic problems as founders and/or successors can encounter barriers to effectively compete on the market.  This session contributes to the discussions of academic trends in entrepreneurship and family business as positive elements of tomorrow’s sustainable tourism. In particular, the session will address trends and research gaps from a European tourism perspective. Consequently, authors are invited to submit papers and reflections about analytical aspects of entrepreneurship and family business in the tourism industry, especially concerning innovation and the entrepreneurial orientation of family firms to develop positive sustainable economic and social factors in European destinations. 


Abstract submission