NS29 Session 30

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Title: Positive psychology and its relation to tourism

Organisers: Zsuzsanna Kövi, Veronika Mészáros, Andrea Ferenczi, Zsuzsanna Mirnics

Affiliation: Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church


The aim of the workshop is to provide and insight into research and practice of positive psychology, including different factors of mental health (global well-being, savouring, resilience, executive function, self-regulation) that can be related to tourism and specially to health tourism. A special focus will be give to psychology of nature relatedness and psychology of positive sensation seeking and its importance in adventure tourism. A bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective will be presented, explaining how the concept of health can be regarded multidimensional and how tourism can be a tool to enhance different levels of health.  Different personality types will be discussed, which can be related to different tourist types. The aim is to provide some theoretical, practical and methodological psychology background for those who work in tourism or who do researches in tourism. Also, an insight into cluster analytic research approach will be given, which can be applied in tourist segmentation. 

The workshop will be practice-oriented and interactive, providing a forum of discussion. Participants will get to know a short mental health questionnaire and also a short personality questionnaire which can be applied in researches. Also, participants will be involved in some self-experience positive psychological task that can give participants tools to improve their own mental health and psychological well-being.