NS29 Session 7

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Title: Towards smarter and more sustainable coastal tourism: blue & green governance, management and marketing perspectives

Organisers: Arja Lemmetyinen, Darko Dimitrovski, Teemu Haukioja, Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela & Tuomas Pohjola

Affiliation: University of Turku (main organizer) and University of Kragujevac (partnering)


In the era of increasing global sustainability challenges, smart actions are often called for to promote sustainable blue tourism (coastal, maritime and other water-related tourism). Sensitive water areas are at the forefront of facing the global challenges related to sustainability and the growth of tourism. Blue tourism depends highly on good environmental conditions and in particular on good water quality. Any maritime or land-based activity deteriorating the environment can negatively affect tourism. 

Wide-ranging digital revolution has led to the emergence of the concept of smart destinations in which knowledge and information are accessible to all stakeholders, facilitating them to carry out continuous innovation of activities and co-creation of tourism experiences. Along with the rapid expansion of disruptive technologies and the wide use of ICT, another main driving force of smart tourism is appropriate governance that promotes sustainable development, the triple-bottom-line and conservation as central strategic aims. Furthermore, regional smart specialisation (S3) strategies often encourage the deployment of sustainable blue tourism as a means to advance socially, environmentally and economically balanced regional development. Cruise tourism is a topical example of blue tourism where smart solutions, sustainability challenges, and regional development effects are at focus.

The present and future challenges in blue tourism, like tourism in general, can characteristically be viewed from several academic viewpoints. In the call for this special session we welcome not only academic papers but also case or project presentations representing different disciplines (business-managerial, socio-psychological, macroeconomic to name few) in order to get a wide insight (demand, supply, management issues, stakeholder view, future studies, blue growth, governance) on the relevant phenomenon we are interested in: how to get into the trail towards smarter and more sustainable blue tourism.


Abstract submission