Cruise passenger survey 2019

Cruise passenger survey 2019

Cruise passenger survey 2019 - summary

 - surveys conducted at the ports of Húsavík and Siglufjörður

A survey amongst cruise passengers at the ports of Húsavík and Siglufjörður, Northern Iceland.

The 2019 cruise passenger survey was a continuity from an exploratory pilot cruise passenger survey and a cruise passenger survey, both conducted amongst departing cruise passengers at the Port of Akureyri, Northern Iceland, in respectively 2017 and 2018.

Like Akureyri, both Húsavík and Siglufjörður have in recent years seen an increase in their cruise visits. Visiting cruise ships in the two towns are however in general smaller, carrying fewer passengers than the average cruises visiting Akureyri. 

The aim of the 2019 follow-up survey, was to broaden the scope of knowledge of these guests into Icelandic coastal communities. Furthermore, the aim was to combine and compare the results from the passenger surveys conducted in the two types of cruise destinations.


Passengers' participation in organized recreation is high, but the purchase of recreation is largely carried out through the shipping companies. Furthermore, the ships and shipping companies are by far the most important information providers for passengers at the points of arrival.


The revenues of cruise ships' visit areas depend most on the recreation in which the ships direct their passengers.

The main findings show that Summaries from the two Akureyri surveys (in Icelandic only) available here: 

Pilot passenger survey 2017

Cruise passenger survey 2018

The 2019 cruise passenger survey was partly funded by KEA 

Project manager: Þórný Barðadóttir []