ITRC's Research Seminars

ITRC’s research seminar is dedicated to postgraduate research in Icelandic tourism. The seminar is a supportive consultation platform for PhD-students, their advisors and tourism researchers and promotes constructive and objective discussion devoted to Icelandic tourism research. The research seminar is an opportunity for PhD-students to objectively discuss different aspects of their research projects with advisors, tourism researchers and fellow PhD-students in closed settings.

The research seminar was first held in 2012 and has been held 6 times. As of 2018 the date for the seminar was fixed. The seminar will be held the second Thursday of October each year.


The next research seminar will be held 10 October 2019


Previous seminars

  • 2017 in Viðey, Reykjavík (17 May)
  • 2015 in Gunnarsholt (a PhD-seminar in relation to the 24th Nordic 24th Nordic Symposium in Tourism and Hospitality Research. Seminar organised in cooperation with the University of Iceland) (30 September – 1 October)
  • 2014 in Hvanneyri, Borgarfjörður (6-7 November)
  • 2014 in Hólar (4-6 June)
  • 2013 in Húsavík (10-11 October)
  • 2012 in Höfn in Hornafjörður (19-21 September)

Further information: Eyrún Jenný Bjarnadóttir, researcher at ITRC []