SAF and ITRC Dissertation Award

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF) and the ITRC annually award 100.000 ISK in recognition of an outstanding dissertation on tourism produced by a student of an Icelandic University. The award is given along with the price money in spring each year.

The panel deciding, in which members of the board are seated, evaluates the projects according to the below criteria:

  • The dissertation is to be about tourism and the tourist industry in Iceland.

The panel wishes to see work that addresses pressing research issues in Icelandic tourism.

  • The dissertation is to be original and can possibly lead to innovation in the industry.
  • The dissertation fulfills all international requirements for a research dissertation and is professionally done.

The evaluation looks at:             

  • How well the topic is defined
  • The clarity of research questions
  • How well the text coheres
  • How well the text is built
  • If the dissertation is based on independent research
  • How penetrating the analysis is
  • The layout and overall flow of the work

Those awarded since the start:

2015: Berglind Ósk Kristjánsdóttir (In Icelandic)

2014: Willem Tims  (In English)

2013: Paavo Olavi Sonninen        (In Icelandic)

2012: Berghildur Fanney Hauksdóttir        (In Icelandic)

2011: Margrét Hólm Valsdóttir        (In Icelandic)

2010: Áslaug Briem        (In Icelandic)

2009: Jóna Sigurbjörg Eðvaldsdóttir        (In Icelandic)

2008: Gunnar Magnússon        (In English)

2007: Hildur Kristjánsdóttir        (In Icelandic)

2006: Ýr Káradóttir        (In Icelandic)

2005: Anne Maria Sparf        (In Icelandic)