Responsible tourism in the Arctic

The Icelandic Seal Centre in co-operation with the Icelandic Research Centre (ITRC) has formed an interdisciplinary research group on responsible tourism in the Arctic.

The team facilitates cooperation between Icelandic and Norwegian biologists, zooologists, human geographers, tourism researchers, cultural social scientists and community planners.

This week the team attended a workshop at the Icelandic Seal Centre to collectively design an interdisciplinary project Responsible Tourism in Actic Seascapes (ReSea) that will explore the underlying mechanisms of marine mammal tourism in the Arctic.

Subject to funding, the study will take place in Iceland, Norway and Greenland.


The picture shows the working group in Hvammstangi. From left: Britt Kramvig, Anniken Förde, Sandra Granquist, Gunnþóra Ólafsdóttir, Jessica Faustino, Amy Savener. Also, but not in the picture, Georgette Leah Burns.