ITRC welcomes new staff member

Gunnþóra Ólafsdóttir
Gunnþóra Ólafsdóttir

Gunnþóra Ólafsdóttir has now joined the ITRC team.

Gunnþóra holds a PhD in Human Geography from School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol. The title of her doctorate thesis is “Relating to Nature: Performative Spaces of Icelandic Tourism”. Prior to her PhD she completed a BSc in geography at University of Iceland. She brought a broad practical tourism experience to her academic carrier having worked in the business for 15 years prior to her university studies.

In 2002 Gunnþóra received the European Union’s Archimedes Prize for young researches.
With research interests in basic research of nature-based tourism she has in recent years co-operated with a team of experts in international multi-disciplinary research projects, mainly focusing on (1) the attraction of Icelandic nature for tourism and outdoor recreation; (2) (nature) experience; and (3) the restorative effects of the environment on health and well-being in relation to tourism, outdoor recreation and other leisure activities.

Her location is at the ITRC's office in Reykjavík, in Askja, the building of Natural science at the University of Iceland. ITRC welcomes Gunnþóra Ólafsdóttir to the Centre.