Student travel award

IPTRN Student Travel Award

To support student attendance at IPTRN conferences, the network steering committee provides a limited number of Student Travel Awards. These awards are designed to cover partial expenses related to attending the conference and include a waiver of the conference fee.

Guidelines for applying for travel funding for IPTRN V:
For IPTRN V, SIX awards are available. Each award includes full registration for the conference, plus a USD $500 stipend towards travel expenses. Your conference registration is provided free of charge, and the USD $500 stipend will be reimbursed post-conference upon the steering committee receiving appropriate receipts (accommodation, portions of airfares, etc.). As the stipend is only designed to partially support your attendance, you will need to secure additional funding from your supervisor, institution, or be self-funded in order to attend.

The IPTRN Student Travel Awards are designed to support wide geographic attendance at the conferences. Applications from all regions are encouraged but, for IPTRN V, priority will be given to students based in the southern hemisphere (i.e. South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand), followed by those in the northern hemisphere, and followed by those applicants based more locally in Scandinavia or Europe.

The committee will only support students presenting research, which has been accepted for presentation through the abstract submission process of the conference.

Please complete the application form below and attach a letter of support from your supervisor/committee member outlining why they support your participation in IPTRN V. The application form and the letter of support must be sent by email to Dr. Pat Maher as a single PDF file by 1 May 2016. Only complete scholarship application packages received by the deadline will be reviewed. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applicants will be notified by email by the end of May 2016. Award winners are expected to attend the entire conference and may be asked to join in conference publicity.