NS 29 Proposed Sessions

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Proposed sessions


Session open for abstract submission:
No 1.  Leadership and Human Resources: Challenges and possibilities in precarious time
No 2.  Dynamics and challenges in European Entrepreneurship and Family Business in the tourism sector
No 3.  Tourism Economics and Management
No 4.  Unveiling the intersection between tourism and volunteering in the industrialised world
No 5.  Advancements in Event & Festival Research
No 6.  The new decade of tourism experiences – Is there something new under the sun?
No 7.  Towards smarter and more sustainable coastal tourism: blue & green governance, management and marketing perspectives
No 8.  Capturing mobility: Virtual methods in Tourism Studies
No 9.  Migrant workers in tourism: seeking clarity, accepting complexity
No 10.  Tourism innovation for precarious times
No 11.  Coping with the Arctification of Northern Tourism
No 12.  Developing the concept of inclusive tourism
No 13.  Re-creating destinations as storyscapes
No 14.  Closer to home: Visiting Friends and Relatives mobilities and their contribution to sustainable tourism
No 15.  Film tourism in Nordic contexts
No 16.  Arctic Cruise Tourism: moving towards sustainable practices and governance
No 17.  Urban tourism development: challenges and possibilities
No 18.  Celebrating proximity in tourism
No 19.  The masses and crowds in tourism research and mobilities: upscaling sustainability?
No 20.  Asian mobilities in the changing Arctic: theory and contexts
No 21.  The Need for Regional Plans and Policies in Tourism
No 22.  Overtourism: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times
No 23.  Influence of Equipment and Technology on Outdoor Pursuits
No 24.  Sustainable behaviour in tourism and hospitality
No 25.  Marketing and Service Management in Precarious Times
No 26.  City tourism development – challenges and possibilities of mobile future
No 27.  Nudging as stimulation for a more climate-friendly travel behaviour
Abstract submission for other themes
No 28.  The Really Big Idea Sketchpad Approach to Shaping Mobile Futures: From Ideation to Execution
No 29.  Meeting up! Exploring collaborative outcomes of workshops, benchmarking trips, clusters and networks in tourism
No 30.  Positive psychology and its relation to tourism
No 31.  How to increase impact of your research
No 32. Towards scenarios for the future of tourism mobility in Europe
Special session:
No 33.  20 years of SJHT: looking back and looking forward