ArcTour Special Issue on Regenerative Tourism in the Arctic

The Journal of Arctic Tourism announces a call for papers for a Special Issue on Regenrative Tourism in Arctic and Nordic Geographies.
The call is open through December 2024.
Submission via email to



The submitted papers may propose topics including, but not limited to, the following:

▪ Regenerative tourism in an Arctic and Nordic context
▪ Regenerative tourism in small communities
▪ Contextualizing the meaning of regenerative tourism
▪ The future of sustainable tourism
▪ Philosophical considerations for regenerative tourism
▪ Regenerative economy
▪ Regenerative development
▪ Regenerative tourists
▪ Citizen scientists as a form of regenerative tourism
▪ Community well-being and social regeneration
▪ Regenerative nature-based tourism and social transformations
▪ Regenerative practices
▪ Community-based efforts for regenerative tourism
▪ Sustainability, responsibility, and regenerative tourism
▪ Challenges and constraints of regenerative tourism
▪ Small and micro-sized tourism entrepreneurs and regenerative tourism

Further information and full call to the Special Issue can be accessed here.