Irene Carbone - intern at the ITRC

Irene Carbone
Irene Carbone

For the next few months, the ITRC will host Irene Carbone during her internship. Irene has just completed her master's degree in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Bologna, and has a background in Sociology and Education Sciences. Her research interests include the sociological study of cities and territory, sustainability and inequalities.

For her master's thesis, Irene studied the correlation between the impact of disasters and social capital at neighborhood level by observing the Morandi bridge collapse disaster in Genoa, Italy. 

While at the ITRC, she will study the impact of COVID-19 on local tourism SMEs, observing whether the crisis has resulted in the implementation of resilient tourism practices and whether it has led to an increased disaster preparedness of small and medium-sized tourism enterprises in Akureyri.

During her internship Irene will be supervised by Íris H. Halldórsdóttir.