ITRC commissioned to analyze adaptability and resilience of the Icelandic tourism industry

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre has been commissioned by the Icelandic Tourist Board to analyze the adaptability and resilience of the tourism industry in Iceland.

In September, the Icelandic Tourist Board (ITB) issued a call for proposals for the first phase of a research project on adaptability and resilience in tourism in Iceland. Total of five applications were submitted including the project proposal from the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) that ITB selected. The first phase of the project aims to shed light on the impact of Covid-19 pandemics on tourism, and the industry's response to this downturn.

ITRC is responsible for the implementation and management of the project which is led by a research group composed of experienced researchers with diverse background from the University of Iceland, Hólar University, and ITRC.