ITRC’s research significant in international context

INRouTe (International Network on Regional Economics, Mobility and Tourism) published in June its work: Tourism, territory and sustainability: a statistical insight at subnational levels: fostering credibility for its measurement and supporting key stakeholders. INRouTe will present its work during the 6th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism Statistics in Manila, Philippines, 21 – 24 June, 2017.

Linking tourism (operationally defined in the tourism statistics international standards) and sustainable development (a policy oriented concept without any universally accepted operational definition for its measurement) is a complex and challenging task.  INRouTe’s document provides a statistical insight in such connection between tourism as an economic sector that impacts the socio-economic and the environmental components of sustainability due to tourism infrastructure and the activity of visitors.

ITRC’s research on Icelandic tourism satellite account (TSA), conducted by Dr. Cristi Frent, was included and referenced in InRouTe’s publication. Dr. Frent, who has been a member of InRouTe since 2012, collaborated with Statistics Iceland on TSA data for Iceland for the reference period 2009-2013. 

Direct link to INRouTe's publication is here. 

Direct links to ITRC's Icelandic TSA reports written by Dr. Frent: