Let’s enjoy going slow - Slow Adventure

Web screen-shot
Web screen-shot

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre has since March 2015 participated in a project developing slow adventure tourism products. The SAINT project - Slow Adventure in Northern Territories was funded till end April by the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme of the EU.

The slow movements’ ideas have thus been incorporated into tourism and ways in which places can be experienced without taxing their environment. Experiences where people walk, paddle, bikes or in other ways soak up their environment through slow passage are prioritised. 

The project was all about defining the content of these trips and linking them to ideas of what constitutes positive and good experiences.

From the project; guidelines have been developed for how to promote slow adventure through your web media outlets, but also promotional videos that demonstrate the defined content of slow adventure products in each of the participating countries.

Here a short (3 min) introduction video where each participant shortly outlines what slow adventure is.

For further information, links to videos and other useful material for those keen to incorporate slow adventuring into the product portfolio, see here: www.slowadventure.org