New director of the ITRC

Kristín Sóley Björnsdóttir has been temporarily recruited as the director of the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC).

Kristín Sóley Björnsdóttir has a master’s degree in cultural geography from the University of Gothenburg, school of business, law and economics. She has extensive experience in project and event management and held positions within the culture industry and tourism. Kristín Sóley worked as a specialist in cultural tourism at the ITRC till mid-year 2005, e.g. developing and promoting the medieval town of Gásar and teaching tourism at the faculty of business at the University of Akureyri. She ran the Gásir project from 2006 and also promoted the municipal museum before commencing work for Visit Akureyri in the beginning of 2014.

Outgoing director dr. Edward H. Huijbens, who held half a post directing the ITRC alongside teaching and administrative duties at the University of Akureyri since mid 2006, will move into full time tourism research for the ITRC along with teaching at the University. The aims of recruiting an administrative director are to manage the growth of the ITRC and advance the necessary relations building and promotion of the research undertaken amongst industry and tourism scholars alike.        

The recruitment of Kristín Sóley is temporary for 1 year, effective as of 1st January 2015. The ITRC welcomes her.