Presentation on Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that brings things to live in smart devices

The University of Akureyri participates in the EEA project called Augmented Reality (AR). The AR technology has been growing and is used in fields of teaching, tourism and various other industries. AR offers a range of opportunities in excess the QR code, for example three-dimensional animation. The technology can be used in several ways, but in sum the AR technology is based on downloading an app to a smartphone or tablet which then gives life to the text or images. Seeing is believing, the videos below explain the concept in more details:




International partners of the University of Akureyri will be introducing the technology on June 5 from 13:30 to 15:30 at the University of Akureyri, room M201. The presentation will be in English and is open to everyone. No entry fees and coffee and tea is included.



13:00 Welcome and Introduction

13:05 Background to Augmented Reality

13:30 Live demonstration of AR in Education for Entrepreneurship

14:00 Coffee Break

14:15 Live demonstration of AR in Education for Entrepreneurship

14:45 Closure followed by light refreshment


If interested please register your participation on June 4th with who will also provide further information. Furthermore, it could be useful to the participants to bring a smart device (phone or tablet), to be able to test the technology.