The first doctorate degree from Tourism Studies in Iceland

Hans Welling
Hans Welling

Johannes (Hans) Theodorus Welling defended his doctoral thesis in Tourism Studies at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Iceland last Friday. Hans is the first doctoral student to graduate from the PhD-program of Tourism Studies from the University of Iceland. On that occasion, the board and staff of ITRC gave him flowers at the end of the ceremony.

The thesis is entitled Glacier Tourism and Climate Change Adaptation in Iceland. Glacier tourism is a highly relevant example of a type of tourism which needs to adapt to climate-induced environmental changes. The thesis focuses on adaptation to climate-induced changes in nature-based tourism, by analyzing the adaptation processes and practices of tourism actors involved in glacier tourism. The ceremony was held at the University of Iceland and live streamed. More information about the doctoral thesis can be found on the University of Iceland's website

Opponents were Dr. Christopher Lemieux, Associate Professor and John McMurry Research Chair in Environmental Geography, Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Canada and Dr. Halvor Dannevig, Research Director at Western Norway Research Institute.

Advisors were Dr. Þorvarður Árnason, Director of the University of Iceland's Research Centre in Hornafjörður and Dr. Rannveig Ólafsdóttir, Professor at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Iceland. The doctoral committee also included Dr. Bruno Abegg, Professor at the Institute for systemic management and public governance, research center tourism and transport, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The board and staff of the Icelandic Tourism Research Center sincerely congratulate Hans Welling on achieving his doctorate degree.