MICE industry research

Harpa Concert Hall © Bernhard RichterThe aim of this pilot-study is to review the research being carried out on the MICE industry to see which aspects of the market is being studied, both abroad and in Iceland, in order to discover what information about the icelandic MICE market is available.

The MICE market is an important facet of the tourism industry. MICE tourists are a valuable group of tourists as they spend on average more per day in the host country than leisure tourists. Additionally, they bring new knowledge to the country and the events they attend are great venues for networking.

In this pilot-study, the focus will be on reviewing research on the MICE industry to determine which aspects of the markets are being studied, how the studies are being carried out and by whom. Additionally, the status of research into the icelandic MICE-market will be examined to see what information can be gathered about the market and where there are gaps in the knowledge. Finally, suggestion for further research into the icelandic MICE-market will be put forth.

Main findings were published in a report (in Icelandic) by the end of 2018.