Research group on tourism workforce - members

Current members (12.11.2019)


First Name Affiliation Research interests
Aileen A.  Espiritu UiT the Arctic University of Norway  
Andreas Walmsley Affiliate Researcher ITRC and University of Coventry  Responsible employment, youth employment, innovation in employment
Anna Vilborg  Einarsdóttir Holar University College  
Anu Harju-Myllyaho Lapland University of Applied Sciences MTI is currently involved in few projects that have to do with tourism employment here in Lapland and in Finland from different perspectives. I am working in one project, which aims in finding solutions for the employment issues (mainly not enough people to work in tourism) in the industry. I’m currently writing my phd on inclusion in tourism. This I consider from both visitor- and host-related perspectives, so it is related to employment as well. My interests lie also in gender-related issues and entrepreneurship.
Åse Helene Bakkevig Dagsland University of Stavanger The socialization of young workforce into work in the hospitality and tourism industry – all parts of this process (antecedents of their choice; their meeting with the industry; retention/turnover; the industries‘ lacking awareness of this process; leadership challenges - to mention some
Guðrún Þóra Gunnarsdóttir Icelandic Tourism Research Centre  
Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson University of Iceland  
Gustaff Onn Södertörn University Interested in labour market generally
Heidi Kaihua Lapland University of Applied Sciences  
Íris Hrund Halldórsdóttir Icelandic Tourism Research Centre  
Kajsa Åberg Region Vasterbotten Ph D in human geography, Umeå University. Tourism strategist at the regional development organization of Västerbotten in northern Sweden, engaged in initiating and strengthening the connections between academia and practitioners. Research conducted at the department of geography and economic history, Umeå University, focusing the view on knowledge in the tourism industry, as found through the recruitment of the tourism workforce and the rhetoric on etrepreneurial as well as regional and national levels. Professional background in the tourism sector in Sweden and abroad, including responsibility for recruiting as an employee as well as employer.
Magnfríður Júlíusdóttir University of Iceland  
Mari Vahakuopus Lapland University of Applied Sciences Point of view of leadership  & management (employer experience, leadership skills)
Maria Hakkarainen University of Lapland Transnational migration, precarious employment, high arctic
Marianne Ekonen JAMK University of Applied Sciences  
Merethe Lerfald Østlandsforskning AS Labour-mobility, and seasonal-workers
Petra Blinnika JAMK University of Applied Sciences  
Richard Robinson University of Queensland A former chef of 18 years, Richard’s research foci broadly explores tourism and hospitality industry workforce issues. He is currently employed on a Research Fellowship to investigate ‘gaining and sustaining hospitality employment for disadvantaged groups’, and is managing a number of projects within this space. These include pathways to the open labour market for disability youth, evaluating the transformation of a homeless shelter into a residential training hotel and developing interventions to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of chefs.
Birgitta Ericsson Østlandsforskning AS In my research  I have concentrated on tourism matters at large, but mostly from an industry perspective, based on regional economics and innovation theory. In Norway, ‘second homes’ is  a hot subject in public, as well as from land owners, local authorities, politicians, construction enterprises, asf. due to employment and profit potential. This phenomenon thus attracts  research interest, and have been one of my major research branches for many years.
Cross border mobilities (including shopping, labour exchange, migration,  asf.) are also frequent reoccuring in several projects.  In recent years,  the ‘tourism-concept’ and  -industry have in many senses been extened to include also cultural and creative industries, and so have my research.
Desiderio J. García-Almeida University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Immigrant employees, management skills, job satisfaction and organisational commitment