A good visit from the University of Plymouth

Icelandic Tourism Research Centre and the department of Geography and Tourism at the University of Iceland are hosting a workshop regarding the tourism workforce in Iceland. The aim of this workshop is to create a forum for discussions about research and data gathering in relation to the tourism workforce in Iceland.

The reason for this workshop is amongst other things, the arrival of Dr. Andreas Walmsley from the University in Plymouth. Dr. Walmsley has been researching tourism workforce related issues from the year 2008. For the past years his focus point has been on youth working in tourism. Recently he published a book ´´Youth Employment in Tourism and Hospitality: A Critical Review“.

Dr. Walmsley is the driving force behind a newly established research group with the purpose to advance and share knowledge on tourism employment. Icelandic Tourism Research Centre is leading the research group. More information here.

Subsequently Dr. Walmsley will present his research on youth employment in tourism in a open lecture on Thursday 06. september. The lecture will be held at the campus of the Universit of Iceland, in Askja - the building of Natural Sciences at 12:00 a clock. Everyone interested are welcome. Click here for further information about the lecture.