Nýr starfsnemi hjá RMF

Næstu vikurnar verður Rabab Hussein aftur starfsnemi hjá RMF.

Rabab Hussein er meistaranemi í eyjafræðum frá Prince Edward Island háskólanum í Kanada. Rabab mun vinna að verkefnum tengdum evrópska samstarfsverkefninu We Lead undir leiðsögn Veru Vilhjálmsdóttur hjá RMF og Paula Whyte hjá Momentum. Starfsnámið mun fara fram rafrænt.

RMF býður Rabab hjartanlega velkomna til starfa!


Hér er kynning frá Rabab:

My name is Rabab, I'm an international student at the University of Prince Edward Island. I'm doing a Master of Arts in Island Studies, Island Tourism program; course-based stream. It is a two-year program and I'm currently in my second year, this would be my last course before graduation.

I'm from Egypt and I have a bachelor's degree in English literature. I developed a passion about islands and tourism because I used to work as a flight attendant for a very long time, and I used to travel a lot. I was interested in travelling, islands, hotels, resorts, sightseeing, and tourist attractions. These were the main reasons why I went back to academic studies, and I started pursuing a master's degree in island studies and tourism.

I had a great opportunity of participating in a practicum research project with the Icelandic Tourism Research Centre last year. It was about tourism in Grimsey Island and the influence of tour operators, cruise liners and DMO's in presenting the destination image to tourists.

It is my pleasure this year again to be participating for the second time in a different practicum project with the Icelandic Tourism Research Center. This time it is going to be the exciting: We Lead project in Europe, and my research project topic is about: Female Leadership in Tourism. The “We Lead” initiative focuses on gender discrimination and stereotypes against women in the tourism employment, which hinders them from getting better opportunities in the society.

Thank you for this great opportunity and looking forward to starting this awesome project with you.